University of Tampa04/02/2015
Secure Online Payment
Attention Parents and Online Customers:

We have launched a new version of our Online Payment Web Site, comprised of updated web pages, security features and the ability to create an online payment profile. Your existing online account profile has not changed.

This site is to purchase meal plans and/or Flex dollars packages for your student(s) account. Special summer block meal plans will be available for purchase April 22, 2013.

Your student(s) account will be updated within two business days.

For more information and customer support, please call the Dining Services department at 813 257 3088 or click on the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of the Home online payment page.
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Account Refill : Refill an account using our secure online payment process. Your account will be credited within two business days.
Help - How to pay online ?
Help - How to pay online ?
Create An Account
1. Click on 'Create your account now!'. Fill in the form and enter the required fields: first name, last name, email address and password. Click on the Red icon button. The email address is your user ID and will be used to send you payment confirmations.
2. Register each student by entering his/her first name, last name and Student ID. Be sure to click the Red icon to save this information.
3. To Continue, click on the “Proceed” button to select the meal plan you need

Adding Meal Plans to your Student’s Account
1. Once you click on Proceed, you should see a list of all the meal plans available.
2. Choose the plan you want, under the Student column, click on the drop down button and select the student to receive this meal plan, by default the quantity is at one. You can edit this if you need to.
3. If you would like to see detail information regarding the Meal plans click on the link called ‘Description…’.
4. Click on the ‘Shopping Cart’ button to purchase this meal plan.

Make A Payment Using Our Secure Site
1. Once you click on the 'Shopping Cart' button, select the credit card of your choice. Next enter the required fields: credit card number, expiration date and name of cardholder.
2. You will receive an email confirmation of your transaction. Your student's account will be credited within two business days.

Manage My Account
1. Log into your account by entering your user id (email address) and password. Select ‘Manage My Account and then the ‘Modify’ button under the ‘My Information’ section and update your profile with the new email address or password. Click the diskette icon to save your new information.
Forgotten user id (email address)? Please click on the ‘Contact Us’ button to send us a message or call your school food service office for assistance.

Forgotten password? Please click on the 'Lost Password' button.
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